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Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to work in the entertainment industry.  I first found my love of theater in 6th grade, running the light board for my middle school's musical, then performing on stage for the first time when I was 14 as the King in R & H's Cinderella. I went to Pennsbury High School and continued to pursue theater, stage managing and acting in shows in school, then taking my stage management to the Newtown Theater and performing a few times at the Kelsey Theater. After booking a regional production of The Laramie Project in the Fall of my senior year, I decided that I'd take a chance on myself and chase my dreams of making a career in entertainment, leading me to Temple University's Theater program.


I've spent the past few years gathering as much experience as possible in everything that has piqued my interest. During my time at Temple, I found a passion for filmmaking as well as found my voice as a writer and director for both stage and screen. I have worked in theater in both academic and professional settings in the Philadelphia area, and have focused on self-producing film work from scratch to the screen. I currently intern at the Playwright's Theater of NY and December Films whilst honing my skills in my last semester of undergrad.


As a writer and director, I'm interested in exploring the human condition (who isn't?), specifically how individuals find their own place in the universe. The world is too vast a place for any single person to fully comprehend and understand, so exploring how individuals carve their own path through the world is one of my primary driving forces.

There's nothing more satisfying than helping bring a world from page to stage or screen, except being the one to get it onto the page in the first place ; )

I'm currently studying Theater (Acting Concentration) and Film & Media Arts at Temple University. I am also minoring in History for fun and spent the past Fall in Los Angeles interning at the talent agency Kazarian, Measures, Ruskin, & Associates and the production company CALICO, focusing on development.

Above all else,  I'm a storyteller, and always looking for new stories to tell and new ways to tell them.


I'm always looking for collaborators of all kinds, so contact me to find out more information and how we can start working together today !

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