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astrojackal is my production company, circa 2024. I wanted to create art/media independently, including film/video, theater, and games, that felt personal and human to me. With a rotating group of creatives, I've begun to do that, and I'm always looking for more collaborators!

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This passion project had its first draft written in 2022, and production is finally under way! If puppetry, birds, and slightly off-color humor are up your alley, then Birdadelphia might be for you ! There are 4 episodes slated, and episode 1 is out now!


waves is a short I put together while on a trip to Toronto with my friends because I was feeling creative and wanted to express the way crashing waves made me feel, and this little thing was the result.

Born to Pluck, Forced to Bang

This short text-based adventure was my first dive into hypertext and choice-based storytelling. It's a story of family and passion under the sea; play it below!

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