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I like doing a bunch of different things



I like to explore all things human as a writer. I have a tab in my notes on my phone that any time I think of an idea that might be good for a story, I write it down there, and that's how I work. Playwriting and screenwriting are 2 of my favorite things to do, and the feeling of seeing a thing I wrote be put on its legs on stage or captured on film is euphoric. If you're interested in seeing more about my playwriting, check out my New Play Exchange page!



I'm a storyteller at heart, and directing allows for me to collaborate with other people to interpret text and make it come alive, so it's one of my favorite things to do. If you want to see my directing work, watch my reel!

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I act for both stage and screen and really enjoy both.

Reviews from Twelfth Night at the Hedgerow Theater:

“Holzberg played Antonio, and his command of body language and convincing facial gestures suggest a strong acting talent there.” - Performance Font PA

“Zach Holzberg gives a solid portrayal of Antonio...” - Delco Culture Vultures

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As someone who studies history just for fun, I like helping bridge the gap between the worlds found in literature and dramatic text to the real one, or just helping figure out how those worlds work!



Stage management is where my theatrical roots are, and my time as a stage manager has made me a much more organized and thoughtful human.



Producing for both theater and film has become something that I really enjoy as a collaborator! Mounting a project from start to finish is always a challenge, but a fulfilling one.

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